The Bet Midrash has successfully achieved the following goals that were set for the first half year of our work:

1. The successful completion of an original Torah investigation of a basic environmental issue – the crisis of water usage in Israel and in the world.
2. On the basis of this research the Bet Midrash sent questions with attached sources to a diverse sampling of approximately 80 Rabbis. The questions were focused on the need for a Torah response to the environmental crisis in order to awaken the awareness of the rabbis about the issues and in order to further environmental awareness amongst the students and communities of these Rabbis.
3. The Bet Midrash received important position papers in response to these inquiries, some of which bear the names of Rabbis who are amongst the leaders of Israel's religious communities. We are presently in the process of making these papers public.
4. The Bet Midrash is organizing a conference on the Crisis of Water Usage in Israel and in the International Community. The conference open to the public will include professionals from the area of ecology and Torah authorities. The conference will take place in the center of Jerusalem and will include workshops, lectures and a panel discussion with comments and questions from the audience. February 5, from 2 pm to 9:30pm.
5. Support for the conference has come from the Unna family of Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem is interested in supporting future conferences.
6. The conference, and the Bet Midrash project, will have wide media coverage.

The Blumenthal Family Foundation is supporting the Judaism and Ecology projects at Bet Av.