"Judaism is in love with life - for life is God's great question to humanity...and just as Torah shapes life, life unfolds Torah."
- Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits
Community activism and
Hallacha that fashions society
A national dialogue
based on Jewish values
A new path: the depths of Torah and the depths
of the human personality
The blessing of life
and human responsibility
the human soul and creativity

Bet Av, the Center for Creativity and Renewal in Torah, was founded in 2001 by Rabbi Dov Berkovits. Rabbi Berkovits has been a constant source of new ideas in Jewish education in Israel. His ideas and innovative programs are the bases of educational programming in both Orthodox and pluralistic settings. He has been deeply committed to creating new connections between Judaism and contemporary Israeli culture.

Bet Av focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach to programs that stress personal creativity and commitment to tikkun in the community. Bet Av's educational mission is to integrate the studentís imagination and feelings with cognitive and affective study and growth. We believe that enriched learning can bridge the gap between Torah texts, oneís search for meaning and the challenge of building a Jewishly rooted, creative culture in Israel.

Bet Av's programming is divided into three areas:

  Bet Midrash Talmud Chai – new techniques for study and teaching of Torah and its application to contemporary culture, including research and publication.
Center for Judaism and the Arts – (in partnership with the Ministry of Education) research, teacher training, one-time and full year workshops in schools and art camp.

Classes, workshops and seminars.